Fashion never sleeps!

  and neither do I, it seems! September was a busy month and I’m catching up. On September 11, I headed into NYC to attend Nolcha Fashion Week at Pier 59 in Chelsea with local fashion designer Daniela Vlad and photographer Jay Sottolano. I swear it had to be a thousand degrees that day! The […]

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Take a look at some new illustrations! :)

I am thrilled to be able to create illustration for both the fashion industry and children’s publishing.  just uploaded some new illustrations to my fashion, color and black line portfolios! You are welcome to stop by and check them out and please leave a comment!  

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Remembering Christmas trees past

“Ghosts” is a rather melancholy name for a colored pencil piece that truly evokes more joy in my heart than sorrow. These Christmas ornaments all hung on our trees since before I was born and their fragile glass shells are whisper thin.  I remember huge real trees spreading their branches in our small living room – […]

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Drawing Outside the Art Box

This colored pencil drawing, “Pieces of Us” came from a printing accident – I had opened the door of my dining hutch, looking for things to use for a new still life. I liked the way the crystal and glassware receeded into the mirrored back of the hutch and took a quick snapshot. When I went […]

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The Power of Love in Art

When I began to create my still life I sent the first photo of the finished piece to my parents. My mom thought it was a “nice photo” and my dad explained, “no, Doris, it’s a photo of a drawing.” He carried the photos I sent them around in a little booklet and would show them […]

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